In June 2018,  The Caring Fairies book will be available.  "The Caring Fairies" book will have pictures of some of your favorite Caring Fairies’ homes, the story of how the Caring Fairies came to Orange County, and it will even include special letters and messages from Queen Lily and other fairies that live on the Oso Creek Trail.  

As many of you who remember the fairies along the Aliso Creek Trail, Fairy Lily, Queen of the Fairies broke her wing the other fairies decided to settle in and build a fairy community on the trail allowing time for Fairy Lily’s wing to heal. The fairies found something very magical and mysterious about the canyon and trail. They grew to love the views of the Pacific Ocean and enjoyed playing with the birds and other small animals, often tending to small animals that were injured. The Caring Fairies slept during the day and came out from their homes at night. Some of the fairies favorite activities included roasting marshmallows, coming up with new songs and playing instruments, gardening and listening to cricket symphonies.  Many residents reported that they could hear the fairies singing, dancing and laughing at dusk. The fairies delighted in the coins, shiny rocks, letters, and trinkets that their little human friends left for them around their doorsteps.  

Once Queen Lily’s wing healed, they headed home to Ireland.   As soon as the Caring Fairies got back to Ireland, they started chatting about how much they missed their animal friends and the visitors that came to visit, and who brought them trinkets and letters.  They immediately started making plans to find a new place in Orange County, CA to vacation again this year in hopes of finding a permanent home in the area.  

A few weeks ago, the Caring Fairies were seen checking out the Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo.  The Oso Creek Trail attracted the fairies because of its beautiful oak trees, sycamores, butterfly garden, mosaics, plant maze, and rolling hills -- reminding them of their homes back in Ireland.  Last week, Fairy Lily, Queen of The Fairies, left a special letter behind at the Potocki Center for the Arts  sharing the exciting news that they plan to return back the week before April 28th, which will, coincidentally, perfectly coincide with the City of Mission Viejo's Arts Alive & Street Painting Festival.  As Fairy Lily, Queen of the Fairies said, “ Everyday holds new magic, you just have to BELIEVE.  We are so pleased to be able to return to visit all our friends!”  The fairies plan to stay through at least through July, and perhaps even longer.   

To pre-order the Caring Fairies Book,  please contact us as thecaringfairies@gmail.com.

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